European Payment Initiatives

The European payment landscape is fragmented between national schemes like girocard and Carte Bancaire; international payment options like Mastercard and VISA (for countries with stronger credit and debit card usage); and many local P2P initiatives, which are used heavily in the Nordic countries.

Recently we have seen initiatives to consolidate the payment industry in Europe and look into a stronger, more independent financial ecosystem.

This webinar will give insights on the various bodies and initiatives, such as the European Payment Initiative (EPI), the European Card Payment Cooperation (ECPC), holding the CPACE standard, the European card stakeholder group (ECSG), the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA), and many more. It will explore options that are less dependent on payment systems that are abroad, and indicate what a European Payment Scheme could look like.

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Kurt Schmid

Marketing & Innovation Director Secure Digital Payments
at Netcetera

Carsten Wengel

Head of Sales & Distribution
Mobile Security

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