EMV® 3-D Secure 2.3 – What’s new for the cardholder?

On the 30th of September, EMVCo published the newest EMV 3DS 2.3 protocol, introducing enhancements for detecting fraud, supporting multiple channels and devices and further improving the overall payment experience for cardholders. But what are the specific changes for cardholders and when can they start benefiting from them?

If you want to find out, this is the webinar for you!

Listen in to our expert roundtable discussion as we share the story of 3DS authentication and focus on details of the newest protocol. Dr. Thomas Fromherz, digital payment strategy expert and Netcetera Fellow will moderate the discussion, while Nakjo Shishkov, Lead Portfolio Architect and Tanja Steinhoff, Product Manager for the 3-D Secure Issuer Service will share insights into the impact of the new protocol in their respective specialist areas.

In their conversation they will touch on

  • The history of 3DS and entertaining anecdotes that serve as a reminder of why authentication is a must in CNP transactions
  • The benefits of Secure Payment Confirmation and how it is different to Delegated Authentication
  • The goal of offering a seamless payment experience for cardholders when paying from a merchant app
  • Options for cardholders to steer the frictionless flow via device binding

Join the session if you’d like to learn about cardholder benefits from EMV 3DS 2.3 and participate in a free and open space for discussion. This interactive session is the kickoff for regular updates on EMV 3DS 2.3, where we would be keen to cover formats and topics you are interested in. Please feel free to share your suggestions and input.

Speakers and Moderator

Tanja Steinhoff

Senior Product Manager

Nakjo Shishkov

Lead Portfolio Architect

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